Wax Print ▪︎ Groovy Records

Wax Print ▪︎ Groovy Records

The circular “records” pattern – AKA disks, AKA water well – is ubiquitous in the manufacture of African wax print fabrics. This glorious print features alternating pink and deep orange records with black centers and golden “sunflower seed” dots. The background print is particularly interesting – the wavey motif is called “The eye of my rival” and it has an amazing narrative (look it up when you’re done here.)


COMPOSITION, TYPE : 100% Cotton, Wax Print
WIDTH: 45 inches


5 in stock

African wax print fabrics arrive "stiffened" from the light wax treatment required in the printing process. Wash to soften, cold cycle. Dry low.

Please note: African wax print fabrics sometimes arrive with soluble adhesive left where identifying stickers had been.

We do our best to represent color accurately. Since monitors vary, we cannot guarantee the colors you see online will exactly match the colors of the fabric once it's in your hand. For color-specific projects, please contact us to request a swatch.


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