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Tsumugi Shot Cotton SY-2016 A ▪︎ Whole Bolt ▪︎ 13.1 Yards

Tsumugi Shot Cotton SY-2016 A ▪︎ Whole Bolt ▪︎ 13.1 Yards

The Tsumugi collection from Senyo Fabrics (Japan) is a shot-woven fabric of intensely rich color and slightly rustic finish. Shot fabrics are created by threading the loom with a warp of one color and cross weaving with another color weft, resulting in a unique color with a character all its own.
Suitable for: quilts, garments, craft, and soft furnishings
Warp: Black
Weft: Magenta
Also available by the yard.



SKU: Senyo Shot Woven - Magenta/Black - 100% Cotton Category:

Vendor: Orimono Imports

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