Tibetan Chupa & Wrap Skirt by Folkwear

Tibetan Chupa & Wrap Skirt by Folkwear

The wrap-around Chupa dress features an asymmetrical wrap front, front and back shaping darts,  wide neckband, and simple faced armholes, and unique side extensions that wrap around the back to tie in front.  The resulting silhouette is slim, yet the extensions enable enough leg room to make walking easier than most wrap skirts. Both the Chupa and Chupa inspired wrap skirt can be made in the traditional ankle length or below the knee length.

IMPORTANT SEWING NOTE: If you are making the Skirt, note the following error in the instructions: At the top of the third column on page 4, Skirt Front J is shown in the illustration. The text should read: “Sew raw ends of Ties to right side of Front at stars….”



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Suitable Fabrics: Medium-weight cottons, Taos Flannel, velveteen, and silk noil.

Sewing Experience Level: Confident beginner



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