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Gibson Girl Blouse by Folkwear

Gibson Girl Blouse by Folkwear

The Gibson Girl was the ideal of feminine beauty at the turn of the 20th century.  She often wore a soft, loosely fitted blouse of light cotton or silk with a high collar to accentuate her slender neck. A blouse worn with a skirt became the American woman’s favorite fashion.  By 1905, the Sears Roebuck catalogue offered 150 versions of this blouse, from cotton to lace and taffeta.

The high-collar, back-buttoning yoke style is still just as flattering today. This blouse is lovely over a skirt or it can be cut longer to tuck in. Instructions for optional tucks and lace insertion included.

In View A , the high collar and yoke are finished with lace; in View B, rows of stitched lace replace the collar, as was the fashion.  Tucks and lace insertion on the body of the blouse are optional.  Instructions are given in View B for a traditional bias bound cuff.  The back opening and cuffs fasten with tiny buttons or hooks and eyes; clusters of gathers at center back are held in place by narrow ties, which encircle the waist and tie in front.

Era: Edwardian, late 1800s to early 1900s


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Suitable Fabrics: Soft lightweight fabrics such as batiste, lawn, muslin, silk, gingham, or calico

Amount Needed: 2-3 yards, depending on width of fabric and size of wearer

Additional Resources: Cat's Costumery's tutorial Making an Edwardian Gibson Girl Lace Blouse on YouTube




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