Fabric Type





Fabric detail showing a bright silvery gray warp and ash gray weft.
Fabric detail showing a dark pine green warp and bright, almost neon green weft.
Fabric detail showing a bright turquoise warp warp and dark purplish blue weft.
Fabric detail showing a carrot-orange warp warp and dark reddish brown weft.
Medium-dark blue fabric
Medium-dark brown fabric
Medium-dark red fabric

"Fantastic quality and hand. This is going to take my embroidery perfectly."

– Kabisa

"I like this shop because it has unique items and they're all quality. It doesn't make sense to put so much time into making something if it won't last. The inventory changes just enough to keep it interesting."

– Susan

"I'm so happy with this purchase, the hemp fabric is beautiful and it washed very well. Shipping was fast and package well thought and plastic free! I definitely recommend this shop!"

– Jules

Warp + Weft is an independently owned, plastics-free online purveyor of hand selected premium fabrics and supplies from around the world.

W+W dedicated to natural fiber fabrics and passionate about providing fabric-based artisans with carefully curated, non-exploitative products.

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