Stack of fat quarter bundles, each bundle has six fabrics - white, black, two grays, and two taupe-browns
Stack of fat quarter bundles, each bundle has six fabrics - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and mauve
Stacked bundles, each containing a rainbow of colorful fat quarters.
Stack of neutral colored, folded fat quarters in bundles.
multiple bundles of Softly colored japanese fabrics.
Stack of folded, bundled, and tied traditional japanese fabrics.
Tidy stack of carefully folded fabric pieces, tied in a ribbon made of fabric scraps.
Stacks of vibrant fat quarter bundles, ranging from fuchsia through blues and greens, to a rusty red.
dep red fabric with a subtle surface texture
Antique White Silk Shantung
Cherry blossom pink fabric with white, 1-inch interlocking asanoha (hemp leaf) motif

"Fantastic quality and hand. This is going to take my embroidery perfectly."

– Kabisa

"I like this shop because it has unique items and they're all quality. It doesn't make sense to put so much time into making something if it won't last. The inventory changes just enough to keep it interesting."

– Susan

"I'm so happy with this purchase, the hemp fabric is beautiful and it washed very well. Shipping was fast and package well thought and plastic free! I definitely recommend this shop!"

– Jules

Warp + Weft is an independently owned, plastics-free online purveyor of hand selected premium fabrics and supplies from around the world.

W+W dedicated to natural fiber fabrics and passionate about providing fabric-based artisans with carefully curated, non-exploitative products.

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