Policies + Shipping

Warp+Weft Textiles operates under the WA State business license Freestyle Fabrics, LLC dba Warp+Weft Textiles, herein referred to as W+W.


Most orders are fully processed and ready to ship within 1-2 business days after the order is received.


The two most common reasons that can cause an order to be delayed are unverified shipping addresses and waiting on a reply from customers or vendors. So, if your order seems delayed, check your email junk box. It’s likely we’re trying to get in touch with you.

While an absolute super-woman, Michelle lives and works with chronic illness and sometimes needs to take some time for rest and repair. This rest may cause a one- or two-day delay in order processing. Thank you for understanding.


We understand, circumstances change and cancellations need to happen. Cancellations are accepted at any point before the order is cut. If you need to cancel your order, please contact W+W immediately.


We ship Tuesday through Friday and use the United States Postal Service for all orders. On average, packages ship within 1-2 business days after the order is placed.

Orders ship from the San Juan Islands, on the maritime border between Washington State and British Columbia. If you know approximately how long it takes for you to receive a package from Seattle, take that time and add one day to it. That’s how long it will take for your items to arrive.

Packages under one pound (typically, 1-2 yards of fabric, 1 fat quarter bundle, or 1 pattern) ship First Class, taking 3-5 business days after leaving W+W to arrive. For these smaller packages, you have the option to upgrade and pay a little extra for Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 business days. Orders over one pound automatically ship USPS Priority Mail, typically taking 2-3 business days to arrive. Priority Mail includes tracking and insurance. Sorry, First Class shipping is not available for packages over one pound.

The cost of shipping is the USPS Rate plus $2.00 handling fee. Orders totalling $100.00 or more ship free.


When your order ships, you will receive an email notification containing tracking information. Save this email until your package arrives.


Once your order leaves W+W, it’s in the possession of USPS. The vast majority of shipments are delivered without incident but, occasionally, delays do happen and when they do, there is little W+W or the purchaser can do.  Keep tracking your package on the USPS tracking system and, while you’re there, you can also sign up for status notifications.

If you receive notification that your order was returned to W+W, please let us know right away so we can look out for it and we can work together to reach an agreeable solution.

If your package has no change in tracking status for 14 days, contact us and we will file a Lost Package Claim with USPS, which can take 2-8 weeks for USPS to fully respond. Please don’t despair. We will work with you and, together, we will arrive at the most mutually beneficial solution. 

If tracking shows your package was delivered but you still have not received it, you will need to communicate directly with your local Post Office for help.


We want nothing more than to provide you with the materials you need for your creative practice. If we’ve made a mistake in your order or if there’s a defect with an item, please contact us within 14 Days of receiving your purchase. Sending pictures of the problem can be extra helpful. and we will do everything we can to improve the situation.

If, on the other hand, you receive your items and decide to return them, remember these important conditions:

  • Fabric must be free from smoke, perfumes, animal evidence, or any other damage. 
  • Fabric must be returned in the same condition as it was received. 
  • Fabric must not be washed, ironed, or trimmed.
  • Patterns must be unopened and undamaged
  • Return shipping is paid by the customer.
  • Refund amount will be determined upon inspection of the returned item(s)



Our commitment to being a plastics-free business extends to our packaging materials. Our Kraft mailers are 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable. Same for our cardboard boxes. Our tissue paper is 100% recycled and 100% back-yard compostable. Our washi tape is made out of paper and is also 100% recyclable and compostable. Our cello tape (used to seal cardboard shipping boxes) is plant-based, sustainable, industrially biodegradable, and made with rubber-based,   rather than petro-chemically-based, adhesive. 

These packaging materials are significantly more expensive than conventional shipping supplies. Someday, we will all live in a world where ethical products are the norm. Until that day, we will support the people making these products and support each other in our decision to use them. You can learn more about the shipping materials W+W uses at ECOENCLOSE.COM


As an online business, W+W does not adhere to a set schedule. Generally speaking, though, our daily routine looks like this:

Early Morning: Email correspondence and social media updates followed by the care and maintenance of our small farm.

10AM-1:30PM: Shop time! Cutting, packing, and preparing orders to ship. 

2:00PM: Post Office cutoff. Our local post office needs to have all packages by 2PM to make the afternoon ferry to the mainland.

3PM-evening: Order prep, clean up work spaces, afternoon barn chores, dinner, keep up with inventory ordering and vendor correspondence, web maintenance, etc.


Given the non-stop schedule, we don’t have much time built in to answer phones. This is why we don’t list a phone number and encourage the use of email as the preferred method of communication. 


We don’t have sales or participate in events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday. However we do offer the following:

  • 20% discount for current students studying Fine/Applied Arts, Needle Crafts, Design, Fashion, and Textile Sciences.
  • Trade discounts on whole bolts of fabric
  • Negotiated discounts for any registered organization supporting anti-plastics programs, Black Lives Matter activism, climate activism, MMIW, prison abolition, and youth arts/activism programs.

To inquire about any of these programs, please email fabric@warpandwefttextiles.com 


W+W supports the following organizations and initiatives: