This website uses standard conventions but does have some customizations to give you a unique experience. Follow these tips for a rich and full visit to Warp+Weft.

HOME PAGE – Take a look, it’s straight forward with no moving parts, pop-ups or drop-downs. Simply click on a button to get started.

  • FABRIC BUTTON This is where all the beauty is. Click FABRIC and enter the store
  • BUNDLES + REMNANTS BUTTON Looking for a little something special? We’ve got that, too.
  • PATTERNS + NOTIONS BUTTON Shop independent pattern designers and high quality needles and pins
  • ACCOUNT LINK Create your account with your first purchase and login to your existing account to reference your order history
  • BASKET ICON Check your items and edit quantities
  • ABOUT BUTTON Artful presentation of our mission, vision values, et al.
  • WHY PLASTICS-FREE? BUTTON TL/DR Plastic is bad for life on earth and life’s too precious to use it in our creative practices
  • CONTACT US BUTTON Any time for any reason
  • ARE YOU A WEFTY? Newsletter sign up.  If you get the newsletter, you’re already a certified wefty!



Warp + Weft Home Page Screenshot

FABRIC PAGE – There are some changes from the Home Page. Primarily, the addition dropdown navigation and filtering. Take a look…


Screen shot of Warp + Weft Fabrics page

Wherever you are in the site, you can click the WARP+WEFT logo in the center of the page header to get back to the home page.

On the top left, under the WARP+WEFT logo, hover over SHOP for a dropdown to navigate to other types of items.

The FABRICS page was meant to be taken as whole. Just like stepping into a fabric store,  scanning the space, and taking in all the beautiful textiles. Scroll through and feast your eyes on the colors and prints. Think of it as a trip to an art gallery or museum. When something piques your interest, simply click on the image to see detailed product information.

When your project requires  something specific, use the filter to narrow your search. You can look for fabrics by TYPE, FIBER, WEAVE, WEIGHT, and COLOR. (You can see, the image to the left has been filtered for Japanese fabrics.)

You can also use the search box in the footer of every page. (Sorry, not shown here.)