Can I visit your store?  We’re sorry, no. Warp+Weft operates out of a renovated cottage on the small farm where we live and we are not set up to host the public.

Do you offer swatches?  Yes, absolutely. We can send up to three swatches. Please Contact Us with your shipping address and the swatch(es) you’re interested in.

Can you tell me the thread count/cotton weight of a fabric? If available, weight information is included in the product description. To ensure a fabric meets your project specifications, please Contact Us to order a swatch.

If I order more than one yard will the fabric come in separate pieces? No. Multiple yards ship in one, continuous piece.

Does your fabric work for upholstery? To be designated a proper upholstery fabric, a textile undergoes rigorous testing to measure its durability. None of the fabrics offered at Warp+Weft meet the upholstery criteria.

Do you offer discounts? Please contact us for information on ordering fabric by the bolt. Not all fabrics will be available in bulk amounts like this but send us a note and let’s talk about pricing and availability.

Can you ship using my freight account? I’m sorry, no. We only ship with our own USPS account.

I live in your neighborhood, do I have to pay for shipping? Yes. We’re sorry. We just don’t have the resources to deliver orders. Even to our beloved neighbors.